Gratitude, a powerful catalyst for happiness

There’s a saying that if you are grateful, you will always have more of what you already had. But that is what being grateful does to you. But if you show your gratitude to people who deserve it, if you show people who are important to you, that you are grateful for what they did for you, what they mean in your life, you can bring smiles to their faces and spread happiness.

We often praise a lot of Heroes that are around us. We celebrate their lives and how they had affected and touched so many of other people in so many ways. we praise the leaders around us and try to idealize them and try to be like them. We celebrate leaders like Martin Luther King, Nelson Mandela, Muhammad Ali Jinnah, Abdul Sattar Edhi and so on. But what we do not often do is praise all the leaders that affect our individual lives in ways that sometimes we do not even realize it. Someone’s little deed of kindness might have had a butterfly effect on your life, and such people deserve all the praise that they want.

All of us have such “leaders” around us. If i connect the dots backwards, i found out that there are two people whose actions have affected my life majorly in all the positive ways. These are my professors at university and college. Sir Muhammad Irfan and Sir Alamgir Mirza. Both of them have played a part to who i am right now and who i am striving to be.

Sir Alamgir Mirza has been a great mentor for me. I can remember back in 2015, i was broke. I felt like i had lost everything. I fell down into deep depression as i had failed my entrance exam for a medical school. But Sir Alamgir gave me the courage. His kindness was like a light to me that led me to the other end of the tunnel. Now i must share his response.

His response was totally overwhelming for me. I told him that i always had wanted to say these words to him, and i felt like i had given him so much happiness today. It felt like i had made my teacher proud and it filled me with joy. I cannot explain how overwhelmed with happiness i was to see such a response. I didnt really put any special effort into decorating these letters, but what i decorated this letter and the other letter with, were my true emotions. And the fact that my emotions touched his heart, it means all the world for me

So basically i wrote this second letter to my University professor Sir Muhammad Irfan. What basically happened was that he motivated me to do better for myself and inspired me to take massive actions that could breed results. He scolded me, showed some tough love, but what the tough love did was created a domino effect that led me to pursue freelancing, strive to become a better professional and so much more. As expected, his response was overwhelming for me as well.

To be honest, i wanted to say these words to all of these great men all this time. But i don’t know what kept me from praising their leadership in my life. The role that they played. Maybe it is because of the toxic culture that we have in our educational institutes that if you are praising someone, its because you want something back from the person.

Maybe i would never have done this if Amal Academy didn’t give me this “push” to do it. And it feels awesome. I haven’t really done much other than thanking them, but it feels like i have made them proud and happy. The feeling is wonderful and it has motivated me to do even more, to not let them down. Because i feel that now they have even more expectations from me and I am more motivated to show them that what they have done is sown the seed of a tree that will one day grow and spread this positivity on a much larger scale.

A pharmacist, a chess player, a freelancer, and just a normal Pakistani aspiring to make the healthcare better for the common